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How can Internet Salespeople and BDC Reps be responsible for selling 24 cars per month each? By setting 3 appointments with their active leads and sold customers. Every day, 5 days per week. Do the math!

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

How Does Your Dealership’s Online Reputation Stack Up? Click here to learn how to improve.

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If your dealership’s response time is slower than your competitors, you are making it more difficult to set appointments and losing sales.

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A blind case-study of how our Customer Review Generation platform performed the first 60 days after implementation at a high-volume import car dealership.

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Who has a new BDC Rep or salesperson that needs a guide to inbound sales calls? 

Click this link and fill out the form to get yours NOW! Only available to people who click the link.

Marketing Ideas for Small Business BESIDES Pay-Per-Click

By Adam Ross, Managing Director at Infinite ProspectsPay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is expensive,…

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New Post: Which is Better for My Dealership - “Cradle to Grave” Internet Salespeople or BDC?

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